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As the media landscape changes, how you approach and speak to your audience should follow suit

What We Do

++Good Games provides games publishing, indie developer consulting, agency design/marketing/PR/event services and more. In short, we establish the dialogue that spreads the word about you and the games you make (and love). Our team celebrates and champions the best games, the best developers, and the greatest experiences this industry has to offer. Along the way we want to share with others what has made this industry so exceptional to work in these past 40 years.

A little video game history…

++Good (pronounced “Double Plus Good”) Games first hit the scene in 2010 as a podcast focused on driving awareness to niche publishers like Atlus, XSeed, NIS, Hudson, and others. Our original goal was to focus on building a core group of passionate gamers and providing a feedback loop for these companies bringing games from overseas. Well, a funny thing happened on our way there…

Connected and Caring

As ++Good Games made the pivot from podcast to games publisher, we’ve been able to work with some phenomenal individuals at Unity, Twitch, NVIDIA, Devolver Digital, and more. In 2013, we partnered up with GameChanger Charity, an organization that focuses on improving quality of life for children, their families and caregivers through the power of video games. In the past three years, we’ve supported multiple hospital tours and have contributed over $25,000 through our time and donations.

Building “Image” from the Start

From 1996 through 2003 our CEO and Creative director were both actively developing games for Activision, Disney, Microsoft, Hasbro, and Sony. While at ImageBuilder Software, our team worked on memorable titles like KidPix, Disney’s Magic Artist, Tonka Dig N’ Rigs, Pictionary, Shrek, Microsoft Tutor, Who Wants to be Millionaire, and countless others.

Interviews with Industry Leaders

Our Double Plus Good Games podcast has over 100 episodes including interviews with industry luminaries such as Tim Schaffer, Lee Petty, Trip Hawkins, and more

Video Game Publishing

We’ve helped publish games on both domestic and international markets for companies like Devolver Digital, Funktronic Labs, Iron Galaxy, and more.

Business Development

Be you a husband and wife team, an agile team of three, or a division within a much larger organization, we expand your reach and provide additional boots on the ground to get things done.

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Social Media & Marketing Services

You’ve worked hard on your game and now it’s time to tell the world. We’ve built a network of game journalists, press contacts, and public relations to help get the word out to gamers around the world.

Contact us

Are you an indie developer that’s about to launch your first title? Are you a streamer that’s looking to grow your audience? Are you responsible for bringing incentive value to your audience. Or are you just a person who has a long time love affair with games? If so, we ABSOLUTELY want to hear from you!

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