#QuartersUp for Extra Life

Play Games. Heal Kids.

Ever wanted to live out your dream of being a dancing ostrich? Truth be told, neither have we, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing Ostrich Among Us tournament! Every play of the game, between February 25th through March 3rd, using the GameOn Twitch Extension brings $.25 to Extra Life charity.

Help us bring $15,000 to Extra Life during our latest Quarters Up for Charity event.

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With the toolsets and asset libraries currently available (Unity/Unreal/Lumberyard/etc.), it’s never been easier for developers to create video games. The downside is, because there are so many new gaming experiences being made, discoverability is now becoming one of the greatest challenges for all game developers today. Great games, experiences, and development teams are all going under the radar because they aren’t getting the visibility they need and paying for burgeoning, high-profile Twitch creators is becoming too risky and cost prohibitive for indie devs.

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October 21-23 Money 20/20 – Las Vegas, NV Money 20/20
October 24 BeCore Art Show – Los Angeles, CA Becore Warehouse
October 25, 2018 Twitch Developer Day – San Jose, CA San Jose Marriott
October 26-28 TWITCHCON – San Jose, CA San Jose Convention Center
October 27-28 Red Dead Redemption 2 – Charity Stream Weekend Mixer/Twitch/YouTube


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