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The first of its kind and we want you to join us. A true immersive experience for MiLB players & fans. Baseball has been missing that type of relationship with their fans and its up to us to connect with the community in this new way. We hope you’ll join our sqaud!

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Slade Heathcott

Former top Yankees prospect, Slade Heathcott, has traded in his cleats for an elite Xbox controller. You can catch him sharing stories with fellow players and fans while playing Warzone on Twitch.

Garrett Kelly

As a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, Garrett Kelly is used to high-stress situations. That’s what makes him a perfect candidate to open boxes of cards worth upwards of $50,000 for More than Baseball’s Collectibles streams.

Sean Gilmore

Graduating from UCLA, Sean set his sights on working with studios and celebrities in Southern California. Now he’s using his headhunting talents in games like CoD and Among Us where he’s more deadly than 007.

Neal Bauer

With over 20 years in the video game industry, Neal has worn an ever-growing-series of hats. From game development to publishing to podcasting to being a champion for ‘games doing good’, his chapeau-ed dome is bound to appear in an online lobby before too long.