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King of All Cosmos

Neal Bauer

With a career that spans software development (Disney, Hasbro, Microsoft, Activision), including retail store development (Game Crazy), through hosting two top 10 podcasts (Gamer’s Edge 2006 & ++Good Games 2010) and while helping raise nearly $1, 000,000 for charity, Neal always enjoyed celebrating the best games, the best developers and the greatest experiences this industry has to offer.

His focus these days is to ensure the game industry continues to 
innovate, educate, and have a marked impact lives in a positive matter by focusing on three pillars:

    • Identifying the needs of the developers and their games and working to get them through the process and into the right distribution channels.
    • Raising awareness for undiscovered titles by matching the right games with the best content creators and community interests.
    • Creating an alliance of good via alignment with a variety of charitable organizations to raise awareness and make a difference beyond gaming.


Double Plus brings streamers, game devs, & non-profits together to focus on the people, conversations, and causes that are changing lives for the better today.

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